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Fore Ladies Tee Box Practice Swing - Blue Palm

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Fore Ladies Tee Box Practice Swing - Blue Palm


Fore Ladies Tee Box Practice Swing - Blue Palm


Curious about the Tee Box? Get a ONE-TIME box of golf (and more) goodies delivered right to your door!

Our Fore Ladies Practice Swing Tee Box is a one-time box full of carefully selected items that celebrate YOU!

You will receive a one-time Tee Box loaded with name-brand golf apparel, golf accessories, fair trade teas, and items from small independent companies.

What you'll find in your Practice Swing Tee Box:

  • A Smith & Quinn golf skirt
  • A Glove It two-zip crossbody bag
  • A ball marking guide with two markers
  • "Salve a par" black currant skin salve
  • A golf bag tag with a place to keep track of club distances
  • Fair trade "tea of the month" — "Currantly short-sided (black currant)

This Tee Box is sure to delight, because who doesn't love a surprise chosen just for them? (We do! We do!)

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