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Changing the Game: Ladies Golf Apparel Then vs. Now

Sep 18th 2019

Changing the Game: Ladies Golf Apparel Then vs. Now

Golf is a fairly new sport for women. In fact, the first mention of women even being allowed to play the game was at Scotland's Bruntsfield Links in 1738, while the game originated 26 years earlier in 1764. Although women were  eventually allowed to play the game, the dress code for these pioneering women of golf focused more on being conservative and properly covered, rather than comfort and ease of play. Fortunately today, there are a variety of stylish and comfortable options for women who love to play golf, but it took many years and several unflattering trends to get it right!

Ladies’ Golf Apparel of Yesteryear

Throughout the years, women’s golf fashion and what they were wearing has been the talk of the course. From rave reviews to harsh criticism, women have heard it all when it comes to how they dress when they play a game of golf. Looking back on some of the clothing that was designed especially for lady golfers back in the day, we have to say that we can truly understand some of the “not-so-nice” comments they received.

Thankfully, golf fashions for women began to change and evolve in 1953 when Betsy Rawls won the Women’s Open Golf Championship. The popular lady golfer wore an uncomfortable collared shirt and long, hot skirt that came almost to her ankles. While it was certainly not comfortable, she was there to prove that women had every right to be on the golf course and made a mark on the game with an astounding 47 LPGA tour wins, which would land her in the World Golf Hall of Fame.

The popularity of the game of golf soared and women started to take note. Women began to demand a new and different look on the course. The outdated, dreadful long skirts and stiff, uncomfortable collared shirts were thankfully a thing of the past. Instead, long shorts and lightweight collared shirts became the new norm for ladies’ golf apparel, and although so much better, these designs did leave much to be desired in the way of fashion. The obvious lack of style, due to the muted and uninteresting colors, offered no fashion-forward sense at all – especially since the male golfers of the 19th century were wearing brightly colored and patterned pants, shirts, and jackets when they played.

The Evolution of Women’s Golf Attire – Making a Fashion Statement on the Course

Thankfully, though, that has changed today, and women can enjoy and celebrate the game in style and comfort. Modern lady golfers are allowed and even encouraged to make a statement on the golf course, and they do not take that task lightly at all!

Modern, comfortable and stylish designs reign supreme on golf courses everywhere and women are finally taking 

Flirtee Golf Ruffle Butt Skort

charge of their style and comfort. The FlirTee Ruffle Butt Golf Skirt is the perfect example. Gone are the days of long, hot, uncomfortable (and ugly)! skirts for lady golfers. This fun and flirty skirt lets you flaunt your fashion-forward style, while a slimming design that consists of an arch that perfectly tapers the booty with 3 rows of flirty ruffles makes a fashion statement. The 3-inch waistband stays in place and adds extra comfort, and the adorable golf tee logo made with Swarovski crystals is totally on point.

To say women’s golf fashions have evolved is an understatement for sure. Ladies golf apparel pieces from popular brands like TAIL Activewear come in a variety of stylish options in fun colors to show your sporty and outgoing personality. The Cindy Sleeveless Women's Golf Shirt is a great example of comfort, style, and bold colors to make you stand out on the course, while the Lilith Golf Dress offers a fun twist on a classic that hugs your curves in all the right places and comes in the best tropical prints and patterns around.

Tail Activewear Lilith Dress - Barbados

Today’s savvy and fashion-forward lady golfer will also enjoy wearing and being seen in the modern styles from EP Pro NY. This exciting and flirty collection features vibrant colors and patterns that let you flaunt your personal style no matter where you play. The EP Pro NY Club Med collection offers one of a kind prints that exude confidence and freshness by giving you a slimming and pulled together look for your day of golf. Pair the cute EP Pro NY Crosshatch Printed Skort with the EP Pro NY Club Med Cap Sleeve Golf Polo for a stylish look and comfortable feel that will keep you looking totally up to par. This fashionable outfit also helps protect you from the sun’s harsh rays with its built-in UV 50+ Solar Tech Technology. Add the sporty matching EP Pro NY women's golf visor for a feminine look with a sporty feel.

Fore Ladies Golf Apparel for Today’s Stylish Lady Golfer

Make a statement when you walk on the golf course and let them know who’s in charge with sleek and modern golf fashions from Fore Ladies Golf Apparel. For the latest trends and most comfortable ladies’ golf fashions, we invite you to peruse our collection of top brands and live by our mantra that confidence is paramount on the golf course, and more often than not, that starts with our clothes!

We truly believe that If you look good on the course, you feel good on the course. We are committed to providing today’s women golfers with high-quality women’s golf apparel from all of your favorite brands and in the styles that make you feel confident. 

Welcome to the game of golf, ladies. You’re looking marvelous out there!